The beginning..

As you can see, I have always had a love for styling and fashion. This can partially be put down to the influence of two amazing parents that would frequent flea-markets and let me tag along, also growing up in the golden age of MTV helped. My dad was a DJ and CD shop owner so I spent many years behind the counter and soaked up how a business was run and the buzz of working in retail.

Flash forward a couple years (decades). I found myself on the other side of the world with no set plan and suffering a huge loss. During this time of ‘’finding myself’’ I started to scribble down some ideas of what I wanted to do in the future. Maybe the ‘Vintage Van’ travelling the world plan didn’t come to fruition but it definitely watered the seed that had been lying dormant for many years inside. I knew I loved fashion and I had a newfound appreciation for the world we live in and unfortunately the damage we do to it on the daily. With this in mind I set out to try and minimise my personal footprint on the planet by buying only vintage. With my ever-growing wardrobe and an imminent move from Brussels to Edinburgh fast approaching, I started to sell off some of the pieces of my personal collection on Depop. This was the start of 5th Season Vintage.

5th Season Vintage was officially founded 5 years ago. With a lot of hard work and long hours the business was able to grow organically on Depop to one of the top on the platform. Paired with regular pop-ups across Edinburgh, an incredible  returning customer base and the help of my partner, Kieran, we were eventually able to open our first flagship store!